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Whether you are planning to launch a website or you already have one, you will need a good web hosting service provider to keep your website updated. You may get frustrated when your website loads slowly and due to which you may lose many potential customers. However, there are many web hosting plans that will meet your budget but may not fulfill all your web requirements. The demand for VPS (virtual private server) hosting and shared hosting is rapidly increasing due to its various rich features and advantages.

Both these hosting packages are integrated with features and functions that will keep running your website and increase your sales revenue, you must understand that which one is better than the other.
Let us look in much detail and know why VPS hosting is better than Shared hosting

This is one of the major considerations of website owners. It is very important to secure all critical information such as bank account number, personal details, sales revenue and other such information from unauthorized people. VPS hosting ensures complete security of data as it operates on a secured server as compared to shared hosting. The latter is risky in case, if one of the account gets hacked all the other accounts running on shared hosting server are also at high risks. This way you may lose all your valuable data.

While looking out for a reliable hosting plan, you must also check out the performance of that plan. When you use a shared hosting package, all the accounts rely on the same server. This affects the performance of the server as well as restricts the use of disk space and bandwidth. On the other hand, VPS hosting are allocated dedicated servers and also experience less down-time.

When you look out for a high performing web hosting plan, you must ensure that it can handle great amount of traffic. Shared hosting lacks this capability as sudden rush of traffic can result in down time and slow loading of website. This issue is well handled by VPS hosting as it is designed to support high traffic websites and also ensures smooth operation of website at all times. What’s more, VPS hosting can manage numerous websites simultaneously and ensure that you never face any down time.

VPS hosting are integrated with rich features and easy to use functions that make it more popular than the shared hosting. Moreover, VPS hosting enables you to customize web, mails, domains, database, panels and lots more.

Another advantage of using a VPS hosting is that it allows you run additional programs. While if you add additional programs in shared hosting, it may affect the performance. This may provide a bad impression on visitors and may also irritate them for slow loading website.
With the above reasons, it clearly indicates that VPS hosting is better than shared hosting. To succeed online and improve your organizational performance and increase sales revenue, try out the VPS hosting service.

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